Why Draw & Paint in a Bible?

For me Bible Journaling is about spending time in God's Word while using art and creativity to worship Him at the same time. I am a visual learner, so when I color or draw in my Bible in response to something that I have read, it helps me to remember what I am learning and what God is teaching me. Bible Journaling keeps you engaged in God's Word. It is fun and interactive. It is a great way to keep connected to the Lord. Because it is fun it keeps you coming back to your Bible and reading it! Bible Journaling is not about perfection and the artwork should be secondary to what God is teaching you and saying to you personally. I love to spend time painting, coloring and lettering in my Bible. I think about the words and how I will translate the meanings onto my page using color and pictures. My journaling Bible is a record of God's faithfulness in my life. I can look back through my bible and see where I have been in His Word and what He has taught me. This is my way to express my love for Him.

 Click here to download a free copy of my mini book Bible Art Journaling by Katie Harley

Click here to download a free copy of my mini book Bible Art Journaling by Katie Harley

I wrote a book for beginners entitled "Bible Art Journaling". I am including it here as a FREE download. I discuss how to get started Bible Journaling, where to find inspiration and what supplies that I use. I have also included some free lettering for you to trace in your own Bibles and journals.

You are welcome to print this for your own personal use and pass one on to a friend. You are also welcome to reproduce several copies of the booklets if you are teaching a Bible Journaling class. The only request that I have is that you give me credit for writing the book by leaving my name intact on the pages.

{Please do not copy or reproduce the booklet for sale or distribute the digital file online or via email without my permission. Thank you.}


To print as a booklet like I show in the picture please follow the instructions below. Use 8 1/2" x 11" size copy paper. It will print in black & white. The booklet is meant to be printed on both sides of the paper and then folded in half down the center like a book. The center fold can be stapled to hold it together.

1. Open the file. It is in pdf format. (click the picture above to open)

2. Once open, choose to print. You can click the printer icon to open the print menu.

3. When the print menu opens, under Page Size & Handling choose BOOKLET (see picture below)

4. Printer settings:

  • Booklet subset: Both sides
  • Binding: Left
  • Orientation: Portrait

5. Click the Print button to send to your printer.

If you have a desk jet printer you will need to manually turn your pages over to print them on both sides of the paper. The first 3 pages will print and then you will need to feed the same pages back into the tray for printing on the other side. My own home printer automatically tells me via a pop up window when to load the pages and how they need to be loaded into the tray for correct printing. Since each printer is different you may need to play around a bit with your own printer until you get the correct result. If you are printing on a Laser Jet printer that has capability to print on both sides of the paper without any help from you then you shouldn't need to do anything further after you send to the printer.

Printing specs: Be sure to choose BOOKLET mode.

booklet mode for printing
 Bible Art Journaling by Katie Harley

Bible Art Journaling by Katie Harley

I hope you enjoy using this booklet and find it helpful. If you use Instagram I would love to see your work and your Bible Journaling progress. Please tag me in any pictures where you have used the booklet with my IG name @paperprases

Happy Journaling!!