Using the "Grow and Bloom" printables in your Bible

How to use the Grow & Bloom Scripture Plan & Printable Artwork for Bible Journaling:

The Grow & Bloom Scripture plan has been a work in progress for several months! It started in the Spring of 2017. I was thinking that a list of scriptures that centered around gardening would be fun to use in Bible Journaling and from that original idea it took over 2 months to complete the artwork and have it made into a digital file to share. Each page of the plan is hand lettered and drawn and therefore not perfect! I redid each page several times until I was comfortable with the final result. It came to a point where I had to decide whether or not I was going to accept the drawings with their imperfections and publish them or ditch the entire project. I decided to accept them as is and go with it! I hope you enjoy the results.

The plan and the drawings are available on etsy for instant download from the Paper Praises etsy shop. Click on the SHOP tab to go there directly.

Here is an example of how to use the artwork in your Bible. You can use these drawings in many ways - this is just one way that I use them.

Grow and Bloom Watering Can traceable
Grow and Bloom Watering Can traceable
Grow and Bloom Watering Can traceable

The finished page after I traced, colored with colored pencils and added a title using brush markers. The drawing of the flower pot is also included in the Grow & Bloom plan and was traced & colored the same way as the watering can.

Grow and Bloom Watering Can Finished Page